Service Paws

Liability Release and Agreement

I, the Releasing Party, and the undersigned, have voluntarily enrolled myself and my dog in the service dog training classes, private consultation, workshops, and other related activities offered by Service Paws. By signing hereunder, I acknowledge that I have been informed and understand that there are always some unavoidable risks of injury involved when working with animals. I also acknowledge that dogs can be inherently difficult to control and that not all dogs will be always under control resulting in the possibility of injury to myself, my dog, my family members, or other third parties including, but not limited to persons and/or dogs involved in training or other related activities. Additionally, I have had the full opportunity to discuss all concerns I have about the foregoing risks with Service Paws and its authorized representatives. I have made all inquiries and investigations to my satisfaction related to such risks.

I hereby accept and assume, without reservations, all risks associated with my participation in the activities including, but not limited to the risks of all injuries to myself, my dog, and any of my family members or third parties who may attend; The risks that my dog may cause injury to the other persons and/or dog involved in training or other related activities.

As lawful consideration for participating in the classes, I, myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, legal representatives, successors and assigns (the “releasing party”), hereby waive, discharge and agree not to sue and to indemnify, deferred and hold harmless Service Paws, other members, managers, agents, employees, and volunteers (the “Released Party”) from any and all injuries, losses, claims and damages to any person or persons of any nature whatsoever, including claims arising from the Released Party’s negligence, and all costs associated therewith, including attorney’s fees, court costs and consultant fees arising from my participation in training and other related activities.

Service Paws make no representations, guarantees, promises (implied or expressed) that any dog receiving training from Service Paws will become a Service Dog. I understand the success of and training modifications program at Service Paws is dependent on several factors, including, but not limited to, the amount of time I spend working with my dog, how thoroughly I am implementing said training, the previous history and experiences of my dog, my dog’s genetics, and the socialization of my dog. I understand that this training is a life-long plan. It is fully understood that regardless of the training received by the animal, any dog is always capable of biting. I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Service Paws from any, and all claims or claim made by any member of my family or third party while on the grounds, of any facility where training is taking place, the surrounding area thereto, on my own property, or in a public area, as a result of any action by any dog, including my own. I expressly agree that the foregoing release/waiver and assumption of risk are intended to be as expansive, broad, and inclusive as permitted by Utah state law.

I agree to abide by all rules and regulations and comply with guidelines to the best of my ability during training or other related activities as these are not only set forth for my safety but safety for all. I fully understand that if I am seen to be negligent or inattentive to these rules, regulations, or guidelines, that I may be removed from my program, class, or activity at the discretion of Service Paws or trainer with partial or no refund/compensation issued. Refunds and compensation of time or payments will be only at the discretion of Service Paws.

Criminal Background

I hereby grant permission to Service Paws to run a background check on me at any given time. I understand that I cannot have a felony charge that has not been resolved. I understand that if I commit a felony while participating with Service Paws, I will be removed from the program. I also understand that if I commit a felony after graduating from Service Paws my certifications from them will be revoked.

Drug and Alcohol

I will abstain from any illegal substance as defined by local, state, and federal law. I also understand that if I or my family, friends or anyone associated with me shows up being intoxicated, inebriated, and/or possessing or being under the influence of any illegal substance or alcohol that I and my party may be asked to leave. I also understand that I may be removed from the program.

Photo Release

I hereby grant permission to Service Paws to use photographs and/or video of me and my dog taken to be used in publication, news releases, online and other communications related to the mission of Service Paws.

Core Values and Code of Conduct

I have received a copy of the Core Values and Code of Conduct. I understand that while I am in public with my Service dog or service dog in training while I will abide by the guidance of these two documents. I understand that failure to live by the principles that Service Paws may remove me from the program.

Pet Care

I understand that I must take care of my Service Dog by providing food, water, grooming and good hygiene.

I understand that animal abuse/neglect or suspicion thereof are grounds for immediate removal from the program.

I understand that when my dog is out in public, I will have them wear boots/shoes, keep them hydrated, and out of extreme weather.


I affirm and have proof that my dog is current on all vaccinations appropriate to my dog. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Service Paws as well as any facility or owner of a facility where classes are held.

Public Access

I understand that until my dog passes the Public Access Test administered by Service Paws, I will not take my dog to any place that is not pet friendly. Exceptions must be approved by Service Paws.

I understand I will always maintain my dog on a leash outside my home and in public. Unless it interferes with my disability. I will inform Service Paws if I am having issues with a leash and see if they have alternative suggestions.

I understand that when I am out in public that I will respect property that is not mine. At no time will I allow my dog to sit on a seat intended for human use or to stand on or jump off items that are not mine.


I understand that I will work with any trainers. Service Paws will try their best to accommodate me with an in-person trainer. I understand that might not always be possible and will do virtual training.

I understand that I will be respectful of the trainer’s time and will save my questions for my training sessions. I understand that I may request additional training sessions for an additional cost which will be no more than my current costs.


I understand that if I miss 2 consecutive classes or 3 classes in a year, I will be required to re-register and start again. Service Paws classes are progressive with a review of the previous week’s material AND new material being introduced every week. Missing 2 consecutive classes or 3 in a year causes my dog and I to be behind in the curriculum. The Trainer and/or Service Paws will determine if I remain in the program or be required to start over.

When client/handler is late more than 15 minutes without notifying the trainer. Service Paws at its discretion may charge for missing an appointment.

Training Tools

I understand that I must get the trainer’s permission to use corrective tools and techniques. This may include prong collars, e-collars, front clip harnesses etc. Once I have been shown to use the corrective tools, I will use them in the they have been set up. I will not modify any training that goes contrary to the manufacturer.


I agree to make my payment at the time of training. If I am unable to make payment, I will discuss this with the Trainer and or the Director to see what options are available.


I understand that all transactions are final and there are no refunds.


Service Paws requires all who participate with them to volunteer for at least 40 hours per year. I understand that I will do all that I can to meet this requirement and will reach out for opportunities to serve.


Either party Service Paws or I may end this program at any given time. I understand that I will not be given any refund, including funds that I may have prepaid in advance. I understand that if I am terminated from Service Paws, they will not consider my dog as a service dog.


I understand that the terms and conditions, and policies within Service Paws are subject to change. Service Paws will tell me if an update has happened, and it is up to me to get a copy of the agreement.

I also understand that laws may change locally, statewide, and federally regarding Service Dogs. I agree that I will keep myself informed of these changes and honor and abide by these changes.

General Information

No waiver of any provision or any breach of this Agreement will constitute a waiver of any other provisions or any other or further breach. If any provision of this Agreement is determined to be illegal or unenforceable, the balance of the Agreement shall continue to be fully valid, binding, and enforceable. These Terms of Use set forth the entire Agreement between you and Service Paws with respect to use of the Sites and supersede any prior agreements between you and Service Paws relating to such subject matter.

I represent that I am at least 18 years of age.

I understand that printing and signing my name on the lines below, and/or electronically signing this agreement means that I agree with all the terms of this document and that the information I have provided is both true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

I understand that I have been given a copy of the liability and release agreement.

Updated 04/17/2023