We focus on education, connection, support and independence. These are known as our 4 Paws.

Education – We aim to bring knowledge and education about disabilities and service dog work to the communities we live in. We also aim to educate our clients on their rights under the ADA law and how to handle any access issues safely and appropriately. We also educate businesses on their rights under the ADA law. 

Connection – We aim to connect persons with disabilities with others who understand and empathize with their medical conditions. We aim to build a bridge of understanding, communication, and connection between the able bodied and disabled community. 

Support –We offer support to those who need it most. We support persons with disabilities in finding, training, using, and eventually retiring their service dogs. We aim to support these individuals through the ever-changing journey of having a service dog. 

Independence- We aim to restore independence to people who have lost it. Through service dog training and connections, we prepare people to feel once again confident and independent in the community and their own environments.